Friday, October 16, 2009

Master Leader by George Barna

Master Leader by George Barna with Bill Dallas

Master Leader was a very interesting book. The basic premise is this – George Barna interviewed 30 leadership “experts” – names you will undoubtedly recognize from the realms of church, politics, sports, and the armed forces. Then George spliced these separate interviews into one organic conversation – allowing these interviews and personalities to meld and flow.
There are times where the flow feels forced or out of left field – but then you realize that even when the conversations don’t feel organic, they’re still amazingly worthwhile for the insights that these “master leaders” have. And don’t get me wrong – 90% of the book feels organic, like an actual conversation.
Overall, I truly enjoyed the book. The insights and anecdotes from leaders I know and respect and leaders I’ve never heard of are truly awesome, and it’s a resource and book I’ll know I’ll turn to when I have questions or want to stir some thoughts. 5/5.

Reviewed for Tyndale House.

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